Well friends, family, and fans. . . 2013 is just about a wrap and what an incredible year it’s been. When it began, we were without a guitarist and the only promoter in LA that cared about us, Jeff Cahil (HAPPY BDAY BTW!) had passed away suddenly. Our long term goals of the past few years had lost their legs after both of us had turned down large scale work and even moved in together from LA to OC to crack the code of The Lucky Lonely. We were truly learning the meaning and reason for our name. it brought us together, strengthened our bond and commitment to finish what we started, bringing our vision to the world. Baby steps. . .

We called on close friends we could trust to see if they were a fit for what we dreamt. . . We forged ahead and decided to refine our plan and wrote a LOT of music that you will all hear in 2014! We’ve gained two wonderful additions to the band, Bob Matthews and Jinjoo Lee. Both are a perfect fit and we couldn’t be more grateful. Our vision is wide and we’ve learned so much about spinning plates and other circus tricks LOL!

Our dream of recording our songs in the San Diego legend, Big Fish Studio in Encinitas came true and we took full advantage and released The Chair. We formed kick-ass friendships with some of our favorite bands, The Janks and Terraplane Sun, both of whom are rising fast and share a similar vision to ours. We look forward to touring A LOT with them in 2014. Speaking of, we owe a big thank you to our good friends The Mowgli’s for putting us in front of their ever expanding audience as they take over the mainstream. A lot of bands don’t look back until they have to, know what I mean?? The wise ones do, like The Mowgli’s, who look forward, backward, and are in the moment. . . There’s a truly phenomenal movement going on with them and we’re glad to be a part of it. . .

One of our goals for 2014 are to release 10 songs (Thats about one every five weeks or so) and promote these songs while we tour extensively throughout the west coast. Not saying we won’t go elsewhere but we have some serious work to do here! We want to do a minimum of 160 shows, selling the hell out of our brand and meeting face to face with the fans that we will be in business with for a LONG time, God willing. WE ARE GOING TO LAND A BADASS AGENT! One who wants to see if we’ll work as hard as we say we will. . . and we will.

The biggest event of 2013, which unfortunately happened just over a month ago, is the last thing I’d ever want to share but owe it to him to let you know. The Lucky Lonely’s closest comrade, confidant and brother, motivator, producer, mixer, film director and editor, supporter, and believer, Craig Zarkos, very tragically took his own life after a very long battle with clinical depression and losing just about everything you could lose in a country song in a short time. I was very close with Craig and know that he is no longer in his pain. That being said, the pain has only begun for the thralls of people he touched and believed in who didn’t know his condition. The band’s heart is truly broken and we will, as we always have, push forward and WIN. Rest in peace, Craig, and we will prove to the world what you believed we were capable of.

Thank you to our families, our lovers and our supporters, both co-creators and fans, for keeping us going and believing in TLL. We will tell your stories! As self aware as this message is, WE DO THIS FOR YOU and will not stop until the dream is real. . . LOVE you all and glad you made it through this most epic of blog posts LOL!

BRING IT ON 2014!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Bedard, The Lucky Lonely

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