the Lucky Lonely EPK3

To all the awesome folks that threw in on our Kickstarter, this is one of things that we were able to make with the money that you pledged! For those of you who aren’t in the industry, this vid is our EPK (Electronic Press Kit). Its what we send out to people so they can get to know us a little, and give them an idea of our sound. It is basically our digital this-is-who-we-are-get-used-to-it device, since no one has invented door-to-door robots yet to make that introduction.

We are so thankful for all the help in making this project come to life – It took a lot of good people working together to make it happen. Huge thanks go out to Paul Kerby of Small Square Pixel Graffiti for all the amazing editing work, Craig Zarkos and Kevin “Clutch” Page of Smartist Colony for being the Big Daddys of the Project, John Zweifel of Sarcastic Sound, Guy Charbonneau of Le Mobile for the live sound recording, Karli Jesson for Styling the shoots, Peter Bennett for the filming and photography, Heather Christine for the photos, Willy for the great lighting, Eris Poringer and all the other people who threw down, got amazing angles, photos, and lent a hand!! We are so proud of what we ended up with out of this and it was such a memorable experience working on it. Thanks also to Alex Carballo from Stone Brewery for providing the epic refreshments!! One last and final thanks goes out to the Seagulls of Oceanside for refraining from pooping on us while we were looking like extra cool guys in our sunglasses. So with that last thought, we hope you all enjoy! Feel free to click on Share in the top right corner of the vid and spread the word!

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