“Notice Me” got bumped in THE ride yesterday.. by that we mean Le Mobile.. the mobile recording studio famous for recording era-defining live albums. The first guy you see is literally.. THE Guy.. by that we mean The Guy Charbonneau, founder of Le Mobile, the same Guy that has recorded & mixed artists like Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton, Rush, Pink Floyd, No Doubt, Janes Addiction, Metallica, Jimmy Eat World.. the list goes on and on.. So needless to say we are VERY excited that they will be the ones recording our upcoming show.. and its pretty damn amazing for us to hear Notice Me playing the same speakers that have all that history attached to them.

The other guy you see is John Zweifel. He is the engineer on our project, and has been instrumental in helping us achieve the tones we want and the takes we need on our EP. John is like one of those guys you see in the movies that can disassemble and re-assemble a gun blindfolded except he can do it a tube preamp instead of a gun.. but then you never know. He could probably do it to a gun as well.

The voice on the video is Craig Zarkos, who is the one who yanked us out of the garage and threw us onto the highway.. in a ferrari… hard to not go off on a tangent and say a million good things about Craig.. But he is the one making all of this possible right now, and his is the man.

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